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Build succeeded in Jenkins: Maven TLP » maven » MNG-5760 #2

Apache Jenkins Server-2


* When a build fails, write file with properties to resume the next build
* Refactored the getResumeFromSelector logic to be compliant with
* Added JavaDoc to the method which determines whether a resume-from
* Added license to BuildResumptionManagerTest
* When -r is given, load and apply it to the execution
* Created unit tests for the resumeFromSelector method.
* Removed dead code, as the `getResumeFrom` method has been moved to the
* Fix bug where the build resume hint log could be logged incorrectly.
* Fixed a bug where a failed project would be excluded in the next build
* Refactored to call the resumption manager from the DefaultMaven instead
* Removing the resumption data when a build succeeded.
* Extract public interface
* Store information about resumption storage in execution result
* Replace Stream#filter#count with Stream#anyMatch
* Avoid stringly-typed method signatures
* Rename resumptionDataStored to canResume
* Replace Plexus logger with SLF4J
* Replace String#format with String concatenation
* Renamed BuildResumptionManager to BuildResumer
* Removed an unused mock for the plexus Logger, which is a leftover after
* Resolving review comment; clearing up persistResumptionData method name.
* Review comment: Removed Guava's @VisibleForTesting
* When something fails while persisting resumption data, throw an
* Add a boolean to the setCanResume method, which denotes whether a build
* Fixed checkstyle findings
* Moved the -rf helper method, including the tests, back to MavenCli. The
* Rename interface and implementation
* Refactored `#determineProjectsToSkip` to return a list instead of an
* Split off BuildResumptionAnalyzer from BuildResumptionDataRepository
* Persist method either succeeds or throws Exception, so returns void
* Removed unused import

All tests passed