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Bug Triage Thoughts

Elliotte Rusty Harold
This is the list of issues currently scheduled for autoclosure:


There are 376 right now. That's after I knocked a hundred, give or
take, off the list by closing them, commenting on them, or
recategorizing them. If any are closed incorrectly, please do reopen
them. The main goal is to bring attention to issues that need
attention, and get the rest out of our way.

There are definitely some valid requests and bugs in the remaining
issues, along with issues that are done and issues that shouldn't be

It would be very helpful to look at that list and check on any that
you, yourself, reported to see if you want them to remain open. If so,
just add a comment. Otherwise, resolve it if it's done or moot. To
find them  add "AND reporter = currentUser()" to the query.

It would also be helpful if folks could look at issues for specific
plugins you're familiar with. To do this add a project field to the
JQL query on the search box. E.g.

project = "Maven Shade Plugin"

Jira will autocomplete project names.


Elliotte Rusty Harold
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