Book descriptor seems too complicated

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Book descriptor seems too complicated

Trevor Harmon

My goal is to generate a PDF of an APT file alongside the HTML that  
gets generated by default when running "mvn site". It appears that  
writing a book descriptor is the only way to do this.

However, the book descriptor mechanism seems way too complicated. It  
requires me to list explicitly all of the sections in my APT file. But  
then, if I ever change the APT file sections, I have to change the  
book descriptor too. Mistakes can easily happen that way. Why can't  
Doxia simply derive the sections from the ones that are declared in  
the APT file itself?

Also, it appears that each section has to be split up into its own  
file. Again, this seems unnecessary. My APT file is small, and the  
sections are clearly defined within it. Splitting it up into multiple  
files would only make it more difficult to edit.

Is there a way around these problems? Thanks,