Best way to list artifacts in local repository?

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Best way to list artifacts in local repository?

Mickael Istria-2
Hi all,

We're currently working on extending the soon to be Eclipse "Lemminx" XML
Language Server with Maven smartness.
This is an interesting and promising piece of work and we already have some
interesting basic features working: plain XML completion validation, Maven
Model Builder error/warning reports, properties completion, version
validation... and the list of features is growing at a good speed.
We rely on Maven APIs for all the Maven smartness, and we try to avoid
non-Maven API based features.

However, there is a simple case we're missing to implement properly:
listing artifacts in local repository. We could indeed just list the
filesystem and that would work well enough, but I'm afraid it's duplicating
some logic that might already exist in Maven.
So the question is: is there already some API to list content of the local
repository as Maven artifacts?

Thanks in advance,
Mickael Istria
Eclipse IDE <>
developer, for Red Hat Developers <>