Assembly plugin not packaging all dependencies as expected

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Assembly plugin not packaging all dependencies as expected

Phil Adams
I define a dependencySet entry in my assembly descriptor where I explicitly
include one or more artifacts, like this:


The resulting assembly includes "artifact1" and "artifact2" and a lot of
their dependencies, but it does not include ALL of their dependencies.
When i run mvn with the -X option, I can see a message like this:
"[DEBUG] The following artifacts were removed by this artifact inclusion
filter: "
followed by a list of artifacts that were not included in the assembly (for
whatever reason).
Unfortunately, some of the artifacts that I actually need to be included in
the assembly are in this list.

Can someone please explain why artifacts that are in the dependency
hierarchy of "artifact1" and/or "artifact2" are somehow being excluded?

I've resorted to explicitly including the missing dependencies but that's
not really an optimal solution :)

Thanks in advance for any help

Phil Adams