Apache Maven Resources Plugin Version 3.0.0 Released

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Apache Maven Resources Plugin Version 3.0.0 Released

The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the
Apache Maven Resources Plugin Version 3.0.0.

Important Note:

 * Maven 3.X only
 * JDK 6 minimum requirement

You should specify the version in your project's plugin configuration:

You can download the appropriate sources etc. from the download page:
Release Notes Maven Resources Plugin 3.0.0



 * [MRESOURCES-190] - Regression: The plugin is now silently ignoring .gitignore files.
 * [MRESOURCES-191] - Updated plexus-interpolation to fix possible concurrency issues
 * [MRESOURCES-218] - List of examples not complete on first page
 * [MRESOURCES-219] - Link to wiki page should be removed now that Codehaus is shut down
 * [MRESOURCES-221] - Additional practices for Filtering example page


 * [MRESOURCES-99] - ${project.baseUri} and ${maven.build.timestamp} are not expanded by resource filtering
 * [MRESOURCES-185] - Update version of plexus-utils to 3.0.18
 * [MRESOURCES-186] - Improve error handling based on Mark invalid
 * [MRESOURCES-187] - New parameter in the plugin to be able to use filename filtering.
 * [MRESOURCES-188] - Upgrade to Maven 3.0 compatiblity + JDK 1.6
 * [MRESOURCES-192] - Upgrade maven-filtering to 1.3
 * [MRESOURCES-194] - Upgrade to maven-plugins parent version 26
 * [MRESOURCES-195] - Upgrade maven-plugin-testing-harness to 1.3
 * [MRESOURCES-197] - Upgrade to maven-plugins parent version 27
 * [MRESOURCES-201] - Add Parameter for not ignore directories with a leading dot.
 * [MRESOURCES-202] - Upgrade plexus-utils to 3.0.22
 * [MRESOURCES-207] - Change package to org.apache.maven.plugins to prevent conflict with Maven Core
 * [MRESOURCES-208] - Remove @Deprecated marked code
 * [MRESOURCES-213] - Moved code into maven-filtering
 * [MRESOURCES-214] - Added requireProjects to resources/testResources mojo
 * [MRESOURCES-216] - Upgrade maven-filtering to 3.1.0
 * [MRESOURCES-217] - Updated plexus-utils to 3.0.23
 * [MRESOURCES-220] - Encoding example should mention recommended default project.build.sourceEncoding property
 * [MRESOURCES-222] - Remove param properties that doesn't make sense for CLI usage
 * [MRESOURCES-223] - Define the escapeString by default with "\"

New Feature:

 * [MRESOURCES-203] - Add a skip option to skip the execution of resources goal

Reporters of this Release:

 * Felix Köhler [MRESOURCES-201]
 * Josue Abarca [MRESOURCES-190]
 * Thomas Champagne [MRESOURCES-99]

Many thanks to all reporters/contributors/testers of this release.

-The Apache Maven team