Apache Maven Javadoc Plugin 2.9.1 Released

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Apache Maven Javadoc Plugin 2.9.1 Released

Olivier Lamy
The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Maven
Javadoc Plugin, version 2.9.1

The Javadoc Plugin uses the Javadoc tool to generate javadocs for the
specified project.

This version contains the code to fix the javadoc security issue after
the javadoc generation.


You should specify the version in your project's plugin configuration:


Release Notes - Apache Maven Javadoc Plugin - Version 2.9.1

** Bug
    * [MJAVADOC-354] - isValidJavadocLink is too strict: doesn't
support unnamed package
    * [MJAVADOC-358] - maven-javadoc-plugin is missing threadsafe on
some goals like test-jar

** Improvement
    * [MJAVADOC-361] - Improve linguistic style of bottom
    * [MJAVADOC-363] - [Patch] Port maven-javadoc-plugin from
httpclient 3 to httpclient 4
    * [MJAVADOC-370] - Javadoc vulnerability (CVE-2013-1571 [1], VU#225657 [2])

** Task
    * [MJAVADOC-364] - Upgrade QDox to 1.12.1

Have Fun,
The Apache Maven team