Apache Maven Invoker 3.0.0 Released (shared component)

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Apache Maven Invoker 3.0.0 Released (shared component)

The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Apache  
Maven Invoker, version 3.0.0

This API is concerned with firing a Maven build in a new JVM. It  
accomplishes its task by building up a conventional Maven command line  
 from options given in the current request, along with those global options  
specified in the invoker itself. Once it has the command line, the invoker  
will execute it, and capture the resulting exit code or any exception  
thrown to signal a failure to execute. Input/output control can be  
specified using an InputStream and up to two InvocationOutputHandlers.



You can download the appropriate sources etc. from the download page:


Release Notes - Maven Shared Components - Version maven-invoker-3.0.0

** Improvement
     * [MSHARED-342] - Maven Invoker still using -r option when such is no  
longer supported
     * [MSHARED-459] - Remove deprecated parts from invoker interface
     * [MSHARED-460] - Upgrade maven-shared-components parent to version 22
     * [MSHARED-529] - Upgrade maven-shared-components parent to version 30
     * [MSHARED-568] - Using inherited site descriptor / Style
     * [MSHARED-569] - Upgrade plexus-utils to 3.0.24
     * [MSHARED-570] - Upgrade plexus-component-metadata plugin /  
     * [MSHARED-571] - Bump version to 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT
     * [MSHARED-572] - Drop Maven 2 Support


-The Apache Maven team