Advice on defining an scm url format for dimension

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Advice on defining an scm url format for dimension

Gilles Scokart
I started to experiment on the implementation of a dimension provider.
 And now, the question arrives.

My first problem is about the scm url.  To connect to a dimension
server, my tool will need :
1. dimension user name
2. dimension password
3. hostname,
4. dbname,
5. datasourcename,
6. dbuser, (a technical user name usually shared by all user allowing
to query about some meta-data informations)
7. dbpassword,

And once we are connected, we will still need :
8. a name of a product
9. a name of a workset
10. a workset directory

I guess that if you don't know dimension, those paramters are not
really self explaining.  But you can see that the list is long.

Do you think it should all be provided in the url?  By looking at a
few others, it seems that the user name and its password is not part
of the url and is given by the calling application.

But still, the list is quiet long.  Do you think it would be
acceptable to put the paramters 3 to 7 into a property file?  If I do
that, should accept a local filename in my scm url or could I asume it
is on ${user.home}/.dim/ ?

Thanks for your advices.