Adding Travis configuration file to plugins

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Adding Travis configuration file to plugins

Enrico Olivelli
I would like to add the Travis configuration file to some plugin,
mostly every plugin where I find PRs to review.

Before starting I have these points:
1) Is the template file okay for you ?
It running ITs on Linux JDK11

see this reference in order to understand

2) Do I need to create a JIRA for each commit or can I simply commit the file.
It won't  affect the build, it has a complaint Apache License Header.

3) Shall I create a single mega INFRA issue "Enable Travis on every
maven-** repository on GitHub ?
3a) One issue for every Maven github repository
3b) Batch groups of repositories in a few INFRA tickets (I image I
will commit the file up to 10 repos, the most active ones, not more)
3c) One repo - One INFRA issue


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