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AW: [Idea] Coding Guidelines for Maven Contribution Newbies

Markus KARG-3

welcome in the Maven dev community! :-)

I think a good starting point would be to simply write up your personal lessions lerned, so others can then add PRs ontop with their additions.


P.S.: Like to join us at JavaLand 2021's community workshop on becoming a Maven contributor? I think it would be very beneficial for the attendees, so we would not just have the appreciated voices of Karl-Heinz and Robert, but also your view as a first-time plugin contributor!

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Von: Sandra Parsick [mailto:[hidden email]]
Gesendet: Dienstag, 22. Dezember 2020 14:34
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Betreff: [Idea] Coding Guidelines for Maven Contribution Newbies

Hello dev-list,

some weeks ago, I have started creating some Pull Requests for the Maven JLink Plugin [1]. There were many hints about coding rules or decision which version / libs etc should be used and more. So I need some iterations till a trivial (IMHO) PR was accepted or in one case to find out the PR was completely unnecessary. That was a little bit frustating.
I think it would be easier for new contributor to have a guideline or checklist of things to consider. I would love to help create such a checklist or guideline to lower the barrier to entry for contributing. I already discuss the idea with Ben and he has agreed to help. So what do you think about this idea? If this idea finds approval, where is the best place to place it?

Best regards,



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