[ANN] Maven Fluido Skin 1.8 released

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[ANN] Maven Fluido Skin 1.8 released

Michael Osipov-2
The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Maven
Fluido Skin, version 1.8.


You should specify the version in your project's site configuration:


Release Notes - Maven Fluido Skin - Version 1.8

** Sub-task
     * [MSKINS-104] - Remove obsolete meta tags
     * [MSKINS-106] - Replace unregistered meta tags with standard ones

** Bug
     * [MSKINS-143] - Allow setting GA options for forceSSL and anonymizeIP
     * [MSKINS-144] - Maven web site include ancient and non-functional
Apache address

** Improvement
     * [MSKINS-129] - Update Google Analytics to new analytics.js
     * [MSKINS-137] - Enable "Hamburger menu" with top-nav only
     * [MSKINS-142] - indent html for sub-menus
     * [MSKINS-145] - Google+ Shutdown - remove code from skins
     * [MSKINS-153] - Use XHTML5 tags in site.vm

** Task
     * [MSKINS-107] - Add "generator" meta tag in HTML head
     * [MSKINS-148] - Drop redundant "All rights reserved"
     * [MSKINS-149] - Align common Velocity structures with Default Skin

** Dependency upgrade
     * [MSKINS-155] - Upgrade Maven Site Plugin to 3.8.2
     * [MSKINS-156] - Upgrade Maven Doxia Sitetools to 1.9.1 in skin


-The Apache Maven team

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