[ANN] Maven Eclipse Plugin 2.9 Released

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[ANN] Maven Eclipse Plugin 2.9 Released

The Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Maven Eclipse
Plugin, version 2.9

The Maven Eclipse Plugin is used to generate Eclipse IDE files
(*.classpath, *.wtpmodules and the .settings folder) for use with a


[Please see  Maven Integration for Eclipse m2e
(http://eclipse.org/m2e/) if you want Maven embedded in Eclipse.]

You should specify the version in your project's plugin configuration:


Release Notes - Maven 2.x Eclipse Plugin - Version 2.9

** Bug
    * [MECLIPSE-388] - Correct classpath ordering in .classpath
    * [MECLIPSE-434] - WTP 2.0 Documentation
    * [MECLIPSE-472] - Bad dependencies (version & list) in .classpath
whereas compilation (and dependency:tree) use the rigth one
    * [MECLIPSE-548] - MECLIPSE-442 should be reverted. Classpath
container entries should come before 3rd party jars in .classpath
    * [MECLIPSE-576] - Merge resource dirs shall pass gracefully
    * [MECLIPSE-585] - [regression] plugin fails to create Eclipse
projects in 2.7
    * [MECLIPSE-587] - maven-eclipse-plugin creates wrong
org.eclipse.wst.common.project.facet.core.xml for ear-projects when
javaee:javaee-api s used
    * [MECLIPSE-597] - Workspace dependencies not resolved for
SNAPSHOT dependencies (artifact has a different version from that in
dependency management)
    * [MECLIPSE-599] - Broken link to j2ee-simple.tar.gz on
    * [MECLIPSE-605] - JRE position in Eclipse generated classpath is
different from the one used in Maven compiler
    * [MECLIPSE-621] - mvn eclipse:eclipse fails or doesn't generate
proper .classpath when specifying the same resource directory with
different filtering rules
    * [MECLIPSE-627] - Wrong classname used in documentation at
    * [MECLIPSE-642] - "String index out of range" during
eclipse:eclipse for a project that works with 2.7
    * [MECLIPSE-665] - wrong classpath order generated in .classpath
file for transitive dependencies
    * [MECLIPSE-669] - Don't report missing source/javadoc jars when
download is false
    * [MECLIPSE-676] - linkedResources: <location> vs <locationURI>
    * [MECLIPSE-692] - .project contains projects which were skipped
during reactor build

** Improvement
    * [MECLIPSE-350] - Allow to bypass the automatic search of JEE
(and related) APIs versions
    * [MECLIPSE-499] - Improve eclipse:eclipse excludes option
    * [MECLIPSE-652] - Ability to map a webapp to the root context
    * [MECLIPSE-691] - Add Websphere 7 runtime support
    * [MECLIPSE-693] - Some generated xml files are missing their xml-header
    * [MECLIPSE-694] - Add JEE6 support
    * [MECLIPSE-696] - Allow file contents to be obtained from url or
location does not work behind a firewall

** New Feature
    * [MECLIPSE-561] - Provide a way to choose .classpath ordering
test-first vs. test-last


-The Maven team

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