[ANN] Maven Doxia Sitetools 1.3 Released

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[ANN] Maven Doxia Sitetools 1.3 Released

Dennis Lundberg-2
The Doxia Sitetools team is pleased to announce the doxia-sitetools-1.3

Doxia Sitetools generates sites, consisting of static and dynamic
content that was generated by Doxia.


Release Notes - Maven Doxia Sitetools - Version 1.3

** Bug
    * [DOXIASITETOOLS-54] - site.xml should also have <title> attribute
for all elements that have <alt> attributes
    * [DOXIASITETOOLS-59] - Using a relative path to an image in a
<poweredBy><logo> generates a wrong "src" value for HTML <img> tag
    * [DOXIASITETOOLS-65] - footer declared in the site.xml is not
inherited in multi-module sites
    * [DOXIASITETOOLS-70] - Html title of generated pages does not
include project name

** Improvement
    * [DOXIASITETOOLS-60] - Useless error message "error in opening zip
file" in DefaultSiteRenderer.createContextForSkin()
    * [DOXIASITETOOLS-62] - improve breadcrumbs inheritance: if child
defines an item already in parent, remove every breadcrumb item from
parent after it
    * [DOXIASITETOOLS-63] - Make publish date configurable
    * [DOXIASITETOOLS-64] - Change style for menuitems to recognize the
ones with a long name
    * [DOXIASITETOOLS-66] - Add Velocity Toolmanager support

** New Feature
    * [DOXIASITETOOLS-71] - Add the version of doxia-site-renderer that
is used to the generated site
    * [DOXIASITETOOLS-72] - Allow declaring Google AdSense in site.xml

** Task
    * [DOXIASITETOOLS-73] - Update to Doxia base 1.3

Have fun!
-Doxia Sitetools team

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