[ANN] Maven Cruise Control Plugin 1.7 released

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[ANN] Maven Cruise Control Plugin 1.7 released

Vincent Massol-3
The maven team is pleased to announce the Maven Cruise Control Plugin 1.7


A plugin to work with Cruise Control. Plugin can generate a Cruise Control
configuration from the POM, start the CruiseControl server, and when included
as a report provide a link to the build results.

Changes in this version include:

  New Features:

o Remove use of deprecated maven.scm.svn.module property
o Add a Jabber publisher and configuration. Issue: MPCRUISECONTROL-23. Thanks
  to Philip Dodds.
o Add ability to publish only on success. Issue: MPCRUISECONTROL-23. Thanks
  to Philip Dodds.
o Added new cruisecontrol:configure-wargoal that generates a configured
  CruiseControl webapp WAR.
o Added a new maven.cruisecontrol.logs.patternproperty to specify the report
  files that will be merged by CC. Defaults to *.xml.
o Added a new cruisecontrol:install-localgoal to install the generated CC
  config to a target location on the same machine (it uses a file copy). In
  the future we could provide other installation mechanisms like ssh, scp,

  Fixed bugs:

o Fixed default property values for maven.cruisecontrol.mail.xlsdirand
  maven.cruisecontrol.mail.cssso that the plugin works by default with the
  latest CC version (2.2.1).
o Fix order in which the CruiseControl's <project>elements are
  generated. They must be in the order of the less dependent project first.


o Removed all dependencies on the SCM module and instead replace all
  occurrences with ${pom.artifactId}.
o Use the same default value for the
  maven.cruisecontrol.mail.buildresultsurlproperty than the one for
o Modified default value of maven.cruisecontrol.logs.mergedirectoryso that CC
  can aggregate JUnit test reports both for single project and multiproject
o Compute automatically the merge directory automatically (the value of
  maven.cruisecontrol.logs.mergedirectoryif not specified by the user. The
  computation uses the maven.build.dirproperty to guess the output directory
  for JUnit test results.
o Changed the default build status file name to be status.txtwhich is the
  default value expected by the CC Webapp.
o New maven.cruisecontrol.work.dirproperty that specifies what CC work
  directory to use for the project. Default values of
  maven.cruisecontrol.checkout.dirand maven.cruisecontrol.logs.dirhave been
  modified to be relative to it.  

To automatically install the plugin, type the following on a single line:

maven plugin:download

For a manual installation, you can download the plugin here:

Have fun!
-The maven team

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