[ANN] Maven Clover Plugin 1.9 released

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[ANN] Maven Clover Plugin 1.9 released

Vincent Massol-3
The maven team is pleased to announce the Maven Clover Plugin 1.9 release!


The Clover plugin allows measuring test coverage using Clover

Changes in this version include:

  New Features:

o Added a quick usage guide in the documentation.
o Added a maven.clover.multiprojectproperty that should be set to true in
  your master project (if you're using a multiproject setup). Setting it to
  true will make the clovergoal and the maven-clover-pluginreport in your POM
  execute on all subprojects (they'll call the new clover:multiprojectgoal).
o New clover:multiprojectgoal to run Clover on a multiproject setup.
o New clover:mergegoal that creates a new Clover database by merging several
  other databases specified using the maven.clover.merge.databasesproperty
  (which defaults to **/clover_coverage.db).
o Added PDF report generation. Issue: MPCLOVER-31. Thanks to Olivier Jacob.

  Fixed bugs:

o maven.test.failure.ignoreis now correctly reset when clover:offis called.
  Thanks to Carlos Sanchez.
o Fully disable Clover in clover:offso that the Clover compiler adapter
  delegates straight to the default compiler. Issue: MPCLOVER-32.
o Fixed issue where clover:reportwas not calling clover:onleading to an error
  when generating the reports.
o Fixed issue with Clover task and type definitions not using an explicit
  classpath which apparently breaks under Maven 1.1.


o Ensure that clover:init, clover:onand clover:offcan only be called once.
  For example calling clover:ontwice in a row will execute it only once.
o The clover:*-reportgoals do not call clover:testanymore. They only
  generates Clover reports. This is now aligned with the
  clover:reportbehavior. To run the full thing, execute the clovergoal or add
  the Clover report to your project's POM.
o Always generate Clover reports even when there is no coverage data. One of
  the reason is that Clover generates metrics other than coverage percentage,
  like LOC and NCLOC which are useful in themselves. Issue: MPCLOVER-35.
o Upgraded to Clover 1.3.6 Issue: MPCLOVER-36.

  Removed features:

o Removed the maven.clover.jarproperty that was used to override the default
  Clover jar. This property was not working (it requires Ant 1.6) and is no
  needed anymore as Cenqua has cleanly separated the Clover jar from the
  Clover license. You only need to point maven.clover.license.pathto your
  license file.  

To automatically install the plugin, type the following on a single line:

maven plugin:download

For a manual installation, you can download the plugin here:

Have fun!
-The maven team

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