[ANN] Apache Maven SCM 1.7 released

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[ANN] Apache Maven SCM 1.7 released

Olivier Lamy
The Apache Maven Team is pleased to announce the release of Apache
Maven SCM 1.7.
Maven SCM is an abstract in top of various SCM tools (see
The 1.7 release introduce support of Jazz SCM tool.

Release Notes - Apache Maven SCM - Version 1.7

** New Feature
    * [SCM-670] - Support Jazz SCM

** Improvement
    * [SCM-649] - Enhance SCM changelog model to hold more data about changes
    * [SCM-664] - Git short revision number (emulate command git
rev-parse --short=LENGTH)

** Bug
    * [SCM-154] - Bazaar tests should not assume bzr is installed
    * [SCM-478] - SvnScmProviderRepository getParent() with endless loop
    * [SCM-482] - SvnInfoConsumer not I18N aware
    * [SCM-584] - Checkout branch with Git uses unfamiliar command
sequence which leads to errors during checkout
    * [SCM-618] - StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when doing checkout
from SVN in combination with plexus-utils:2.0.5+
    * [SCM-632] - Faulty svn commandline is generated for passwords
containing redirection characters
    * [SCM-637] - parsing of git urls fails on windows
    * [SCM-641] - NPE when workingDirectory is null
    * [SCM-656] - Building maven-scm-1.6 requires a native install of git.
    * [SCM-658] - HgChangeLogCommand doesn't implement method
    * [SCM-660] - Perforce Provider does not pass client specification
to p4 for blame command
    * [SCM-663] - scm:update with GIT sometimes fails to report the
affected files
    * [SCM-667] - mvn release:prepare fails for hierarchical
multi-module project on Windows 7 using msysgit with "is outside
    * [SCM-671] - Perforce provider Edit command incorrectly ignores
working Directory
    * [SCM-672] - Perforce checking (submit) incorrectly ignores
working directory

Have Fun,
The Apache Maven Team

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