[ANN] Apache Maven Plugin Tools 1.5.1 Released

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[ANN] Apache Maven Plugin Tools 1.5.1 Released

The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Apache  
Maven Plugin Tools, version 3.5, including Apache Maven Plugin Plugin 3.5

The Maven Plugin Tools contains the necessary tools to generate  
rebarbative content like descriptor, help and documentation. In addition,  
it provides tools to write Maven Plugins in scripting languages like Ant  
or Beanshell.

The Maven Plugin Plugin is used to create a Maven plugin descriptor for  
any Mojo's found in the source tree, to include in the JAR. It is also  
used to generate report files for the Mojos as well as for updating the  
plugin registry, the artifact metadata and generating a generic help goal.


You should specify the version in your project's plugin configuration:


You can download the appropriate sources etc. from the download page:


Release Notes - Maven Plugin Tools - Version 3.5.1

** Bug
    * [MPLUGIN-290] - Version 3.4 fails to parse enums with Regex patterns
    * [MPLUGIN-293] - Missing explanation on <requirements> on report goal
    * [MPLUGIN-314] - invalid requirement role generated in plugin.xml
    * [MPLUGIN-320] - JavaJavadocMojoDescriptorExtractor fails with Java 8
    * [MPLUGIN-322] - The javadoc for the @Parameter annotation should clearly
state that those are only evaluated on fields of a Mojo
    * [MPLUGIN-324] - javadoc generated by helpmojo goal of maven-plugin-
plugin produces build failures
    * [MPLUGIN-325] - Documentation incorrectly claims plugin:updateRegistry
is bound to install phase
    * [MPLUGIN-328] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 48188
    * [MPLUGIN-330] - If and else-if branches has the same condition

** Improvement
    * [MPLUGIN-315] - improve mojo description: show parameter name as
    * [MPLUGIN-319] - @since values ignored in report
    * [MPLUGIN-321] - improve documentation on maven-plugin-annotations
telling that optional=true is sufficient
    * [MPLUGIN-326] - Remove timestamp in generated descriptor

** Task
    * [MPLUGIN-327] - switch to Git
    * [MPLUGIN-331] - Check the existence of plugin.xml rather than project
packaging in PluginReport.canGenerateReport()

-The Apache Maven team

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