[ANN] Apache Maven Indexer 6.0.0 Released

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[ANN] Apache Maven Indexer 6.0.0 Released

The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Apache
Maven Indexer, version 6.0.0

Apache Maven Indexer (former Sonatype Nexus Indexer) is the defacto
standard for producing indexes of Maven repositories. The Indexes are
produced and consumed by all major tools in the ecosystem.


You should specify the version in your project's dependency configuration:


Release Notes - Maven Indexer - Version 6.0.0

** Sub-task
    * [MINDEXER-39] - study how to have maven-indexer non plexus/sisu
    * [MINDEXER-90] - create CLI options reference

** Bug
    * [MINDEXER-84] - IllegalArgumentException: docID must be >= 0 and <
maxDoc=6954 (got docID=6954)
    * [MINDEXER-85] - POM model reading fails too often
    * [MINDEXER-86] - Remove "legacy" transport format
    * [MINDEXER-105] - README.md points to wrong issue tracker (Codehaus)
    * [MINDEXER-106] - ClassNotFoundException
(org.sonatype.aether.version.InvalidVersionSpecificationException) under
recent Maven versions

** Improvement
    * [MINDEXER-24] - Publish indexer site
    * [MINDEXER-32] - Encapsulate ArtifactInfo fields
    * [MINDEXER-41] - Allow to index several artifacts with no classifier
    * [MINDEXER-77] - Upgrade to latest Lucene
    * [MINDEXER-79] - Make project Java7+
    * [MINDEXER-80] - Drop Plexus as DI, use JSR330
    * [MINDEXER-99] - improve performance loss introduced in MINDEXER-77
    * [MINDEXER-103] - Add a shaded jar with repackaged lucene packages
    * [MINDEXER-108] - Lift restriction on leading wildcard queries

** Task
    * [MINDEXER-75] - Squash indexer-artifact and indexer-core
    * [MINDEXER-82] - Create a module with examples
    * [MINDEXER-83] - Refactor the Indexer.addArtifactsToIndex(...) method
(possibly introduce new ones) so that it is possible to add artifact files
one by one
    * [MINDEXER-88] - Clean up the plugin versions and possibly upgrade the
plugins to their latest versions
    * [MINDEXER-89] - Use a more uncommon port for Jetty in the
DefaultIndexUpdaterEmbeddingIT to avoid "Address already in use"
    * [MINDEXER-100] - Forward port changes in 5.1.2-SNAPSHOT
(maven-indexer-5.x) to 6.0.0-SNAPSHOT (master)
    * [MINDEXER-101] - Forward port OSGI improvements (MINDEXER-97) to
    * [MINDEXER-102] - Forward port OSGI related index-reader changes to
master (Changes relative to MINDEXER-100 branch)

** Test
    * [MINDEXER-91] - Add a Spring based example


-The Apache Maven team