[ANN] Apache Maven Enforcer Plugin 3.0.0-M2 Released

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[ANN] Apache Maven Enforcer Plugin 3.0.0-M2 Released

The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Apache  
Maven Enforcer Plugin, version 3.0.0-M2

The Enforcer plugin provides goals to control certain environmental  
constraints such as Maven version, JDK version and OS family along with  
many more built-in rules and user created rules.


You should specify the version in your project's plugin configuration:


You can download the appropriate sources etc. from the download page:


Release Notes - Maven Enforcer Plugin - Version 3.0.0-M2 (including  

** Bug
     * [MENFORCER-234] - Link to plugin's web site is reported as  
redirected by maven linkcheck plugin.
     * [MENFORCER-239] - Fix link in navigation  
(enforcer/maven-enforcer-plugin/index.html) RESOURCES
     * [MENFORCER-240] - Link to page does not work
     * [MENFORCER-265] - Get site generation working
     * [MENFORCER-268] - Usage of CI friendly version placeholders does not  
     * [MENFORCER-274] - Use of RequireJavaVersion with Java-9 breaking  
starting at b175
     * [MENFORCER-281] - RequirePluginVersions broken with "CI Friendly  

** New Feature
     * [MENFORCER-204] - Add new rule: should be able to make sure that  
project artifact is a Snapshot
     * [MENFORCER-247] - Add a "require file checksum" rule
     * [MENFORCER-273] - RequireUpperBoundDeps.excludes
     * [MENFORCER-282] - Add RequireProfileIdsExist to ensure al mentioned  
cmdline profiles exist

** Improvement
     * [MENFORCER-228] - DependencyConvergence: Simplify logging errors
     * [MENFORCER-253] - Upgrade maven-shared-components parent to version  
     * [MENFORCER-259] - The rule BanDuplicatePomDependencyVersions is not  
     * [MENFORCER-263] - Upgrade mrm-maven-plugin to 1.0.0
     * [MENFORCER-266] - Remove usage of prerequisites in parent pom
     * [MENFORCER-291] - Cleanup ReactorModuleConvergence implementation
     * [MENFORCER-292] - Remove getModelsRecursively from EnforcerRuleUtils
     * [MENFORCER-293] - Remove deprecated marked ignoreParent from  

** Task
     * [MENFORCER-221] - Removed deprecated marked constructor from  
     * [MENFORCER-272] - Allow site generation to work
     * [MENFORCER-284] - switch to Git
     * [MENFORCER-296] - Update URL for CI System

** Dependency upgrade
     * [MENFORCER-278] - Upgrade mockito to 2.X to prevent JDK 9 WARNINGs
     * [MENFORCER-289] - Upgrade maven-plugin-plugin to 3.5
     * [MENFORCER-290] - Upgrade plexus-utils 3.1.0
     * [MENFORCER-297] - Upgrade parent to 31
     * [MENFORCER-303] - Upgrade mave-surefire/failsafe-plugin 2.21.0


-The Apache Maven team

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