[ANN] Apache Maven 3.0-beta-2 Released

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[ANN] Apache Maven 3.0-beta-2 Released

The Maven team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Maven

Maven is a project comprehension and build tool, designed to simplify
the process of maintaining a healthy development lifecycle for your
project. You can read more here:


Downloads of source and binary distributions are listed in our download


A major goal of Maven 3.0 is to be compatible, to the extent possible,
with existing plugins and projects designed for Maven 2.x. Users
interested in testing this beta release should have a glance at the
compatibility notes for known differences between Maven 3.0 and Maven 2.x:


If you encounter unexpected problems while using Maven 3.0-beta-2,
please feel free to contact us via the Maven developer list:


Release Notes - Maven 2 & 3 - Version 3.0-beta-2

** Bug
     * [MNG-1803] - Provide line number information when there are
errors processing a pom.xml
     * [MNG-4615] - [regression] @required plugin parameters are not
     * [MNG-4643] - [regression] Transitive dependency not available due
to dependency POM erroneously rejected as invalid
     * [MNG-4648] - NullPointerException thrown from
DefaultPluginRealmCache#pluginHashCode method if project-level plugin
dependency misses version
     * [MNG-4651] - Site 3.x plugin broken due to api change
     * [MNG-4666] - [regression] Plugins depending on
plexus:plexus-container-default get broken runtime classpath
     * [MNG-4677] - [regression] Plugin configuration incorrectly
inherited from parent pom
     * [MNG-4678] - CLI: AbstractConsoleDownloadMonitor,
BatchModeDownloadMonitor output download progress to STDOUT
     * [MNG-4679] - [regression] command line option "-update-snapshots"
does not work for dependency:copy-dependencies
     * [MNG-4682] - Exception upon build failure in parallel builds
     * [MNG-4684] - distributionManagment section in profiles do not
override default one (maven 3 regression)
     * [MNG-4695] - Missing Error during pom validation: "You cannot
have two plugin executions with the same (or missing) <id/> elements."
     * [MNG-4696] - [regression] MavenProject.getDependencyArtifacts()
misses elements
     * [MNG-4717] - Repository Ids containing ":" will lead to checksum
errors on Windows machines
     * [MNG-4718] - [regression] Missing Class in 3.0-beta-1:
     * [MNG-4729] - Mirrors and servers not accessed properly by plugin
on a build
     * [MNG-4738] - DefaultArtifactResolver forks non-daemon threads
     * [MNG-4740] - Maven hangs with big aggregators with lots of
inter-modules dependencies
     * [MNG-4747] - Javaagent not usable since 3.0-alpha
     * [MNG-4750] - [regression] MavenProject.getDependencyArtifacts()
aren't resolved

** Improvement
     * [MNG-4642] - Mojos need some way to indicate support of
     * [MNG-4693] - add a dependency graph with image map to navigate
easily to modules
     * [MNG-4732] - Version string validation
     * [MNG-4744] - Validate coordinates of dependency exclusions

** Task
     * [MNG-4658] - Relax validation of repository ids and only warn
upon conflict with "local"
     * [MNG-4664] - Minor patches needed to run Maven3 with the
replacement Guice-Plexus container
     * [MNG-4697] - Deprecate ununsed CLI options for plugin registry
     * [MNG-4725] - Extend core artifact filter to exclude Guice-based
Plexus shim


-The Maven team

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