[ANN] Apache Maven 3.0.3 Released

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[ANN] Apache Maven 3.0.3 Released

The Maven team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Maven 3.0.3

Maven is a project comprehension and build tool, designed to simplify
the process of maintaining a healthy development lifecycle for your
project. You can read more here:


Downloads of source and binary distributions are listed in our download


A major goal of Maven 3.0.x is to be compatible, to the extent possible,
with existing plugins and projects designed for Maven 2.x. Users
interested in upgrading to 3.x should have a glance at the compatibility
notes for known differences between Maven 3.0 and Maven 2.x:


Users who already use Maven 3.0.x are encouraged to update to this new
maintenance release.

If you encounter unexpected problems while using Maven 3.0.3, please
feel free to contact us via the Maven developer list:


Release Notes - Maven 2 & 3 - Version 3.0.3 (since 3.0.2 only)

** Bug
     * [MNG-4551] - List parameter in a mojo has strange behaviour
     * [MNG-4956] - Cygwin mvn script modifies CLASSPATH environment
     * [MNG-4962] - MavenProject.getParent fails to build when parent
POM, in reactor, references BOM also in reactor
     * [MNG-4963] - [regression] Parent POM not downloaded when settings
define global mirror and one snapshot repo but no other release repository
     * [MNG-4973] - [regression] Build extensions are invisible to
plugins in multi module build
     * [MNG-4975] - [regression] plugin executions injected from profile
run before instead of after existing executions in the POM
     * [MNG-4982] - [regression] Cycle between transitive dependencies
causes bad effective dependency scope
     * [MNG-4987] - [regression] LATEST, RELEASE or SNAPSHOT version
picked from wrong repository when resolution order does not match
timestamp order
     * [MNG-4990] - RepositorySystem#resolve(request) uses two different
local repositories
     * [MNG-4991] - LegacyRepositorySystem#injectProxy(repositories,
proxies) doesn't evaluate non-proxy hosts
     * [MNG-5000] - [regression] child distributionManagment.site.url
not correct in a flat directory layout when child's artifactId doesn't
match its module name
     * [MNG-5003] - MavenPluginManager serves m2e partially initialized
mojo descriptors in some cases
     * [MNG-5005] - bin/mvn contains platform specific echo when on Mac
OSX and JAVA_VERSION envvar is set
     * [MNG-5006] - [regression] Resolution of parent POMs for
dependency using version range does not consider all configured repositories
     * [MNG-5009] - StackOverflowError in DefaultProjectBuilder.build
when <module> points at current aggregator POM
     * [MNG-5014] - [regression]
MavenProject.getParent().isExecutionRoot() not properly set
     * [MNG-5019] - [regression] String-based component lookups
performed by report mojos fail with ClassCastException
     * [MNG-5023] - Wrong calculation of Build Total time

** Improvement
     * [MNG-3575] - Allow hexadecimal parameters
     * [MNG-4971] - Display maven home in version info
     * [MNG-4984] - Simplify drop in of 3rd party extensions for Maven core
     * [MNG-4988] - API to calculate execution plan without full mojo
execution configuration
     * [MNG-4992] - Allow to configure plugin parameters of type
java.util.Properties just like a map
     * [MNG-5011] - Allow to configure array/collection type plugin
parameters via system properties
     * [MNG-5012] - Allow to configure array-typed plugin parameters
from expressions yielding collections and vice versa
     * [MNG-5013] - Allow to condense configuration of plugin parameter
beans that commonly require only one value
     * [MNG-5020] - JAVA_HOME auto discovery
     * [MNG-5028] - Obey generics in plugin collection parameters when
populating them
     * [MNG-5033] - Allow to inline collection/array items within plugin

** Task
     * [MNG-5024] - Update default plugin versions


-The Maven team

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